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How to manage Indirect Costs in WorkinProject?

All companies need to assign monthly a percentage of all operating costs to every ongoing project.

In WorkinProject you need to create a Non-Productive Project. This project is created the same way as another Productive project; you just need to change the Type field. Then it is treated the same way as well: you can input expenses, hours, documents and even invoices. The Total Amount of Operating Costs (TOC) each month is distributed proportionally to the time spent in every ongoing Productive Project in that month.

Can I manage resources, finance and production of my projects?

Yes. WorkinProject has features to allow you to have a total and permanent control over your simultaneous and multiple projects, including human-resources, tools, machines, raw-materials, documents, due-dates, expenses, invoices and accounts receivable and payable. All these itens can be managed at the detail that best fit your organization requirements - more detail requests more input time but gives you better accuracy on the decision-support.

How to do my weekly project schedule?

All ongoing projects (administrative or in production) must be defined on WorkinProject with real or estimated Start/End dates. Then, by accessing the Planning tab and Gantt chart you can drag the Activity/Phase bars to fit the required schedule. Double-clicking on each bar you can assign the Resources that will perform that task and set the percentage already done (this can be done by every coworker at the timesheet but htis procedure has high priority). If you are using Phases, moving its bar causes the connected Activities to be draged as well to the new dates. it is also possible to Close Phases and Activities to avoid these to appear on Timesheets and other records (expenses, events, invoices, documents, etc.).

How to use WorkinProject with SCRUM or other agile methodology?

WorkinProject allows the definiton of several Phases with many versions for each and many activities inside. For every sprint (1 or 2 weeks) you can define 1 phase and register every daily standup meeting findings, and the Team needs to register all work done through the Timesheet and all events at the Agenda.

Does WorkinProject follow PMBOK best practices?

PMBOK has 10 main knowledge areas:

  1. Project Integration Management
  2. Project Scope Management
  3. Project Schedule Management
  4. Project Cost Management
  5. Project Quality Management
  6. Project Resource Management
  7. Project Communications Management
  8. Project Risk Management
  9. Project Procurement Management
  10. Project Stakeholder Management

and it is possible to be in permanent control of most of them. The WorkinProject access permissions allows to define what information can be shown to whom, and this one of the powerful features beacuse the teams are always updated with projects status and requirements. The Scope, Risk and Procurement management can be managed inside WorkinProject but not with all workflows required.

There are any limit on phase or activity list depth?

No. It is possible to build standard phases with a predefined set of activities. Then in each Project you are free to add new activities. When you repeat a Phase, Workinproject detects it and generates a new version for that Phase.


Is it possible to configure task alerts?

Yes. With WProc you can set a date for a specific alert and create a tree of related tasks.