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Fast learning

WorkinProject has an ergonomic user interface designed to streamline the implementation process and save input/output time. Every user has is own dashboard.


WorkinProject integrates tipical ERP funcionalities with Colaboration and Project management tools. All critical management areas are available at main suite. You can start with budgeting and finish with balance control of all partners and stakeholders. On the way you can make analysis to support your important decisions.

Business Intelligence made easy

The solution has built-in tools, transparent to the user and without customization, that enhance comparative analysis (and/or benchmarking) for your business; globaly and sectorial (Project, Project type, Customer, Coworker, etc.).

Return On Investment (ROI)

Due to a pragmatic methodology and team experience, Flagsoft reached the best Quality/Price ratio. A pessimistic evaluation, besides quality and organizational advantage, estimated that one Organization with 10 coworkers would have the return on investment in 5 months.


WorkinProject has two environments - Windows Client/Server and Web, some few parameters and allows to export data to spreadsheets, where project managers can customize views and build graphics easily, wordprocessors, for report customization, and a set of other formats. There is no need for new hardware investment. You only have to choose the version that best fits your needs. We are here to help you.


Project management is an huge area of knowledge and WorkinProject had it in mind. All that features that you only use in very specific tasks can be added as you need to avoid superfluous training. Ninety five percent (95%) of WorkinProject features are needed for a productive project management administrator.

by Flagsoft